Laboratory Instrumentation

WGE DR. Bures - Committed to Polymer Science

WGE designs and manufactures innovative instruments, systems and components for Size Exclusion Chromatography (GPC/SEC) and batch methods for Polymer- bio- and protein-analysis and characterisation since 1993.

Cutting-edge instruments for characterisation of all synthetic- and bio- polymers as well as proteins and peptides

WGE's team of experts elaborates with the user solutions to his individual applications and requirements to guarantee best possible results and flexible adaptation. WGE's mission: supply the scientific community with the best possible tools and methods for research, development and quality control whenever macromolecules are investigated.

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Developing and producing instruments specifically optimised for polymer and protein characterisation

WGE has a full range of complete SEC/GPC instruments designed to fulfil the most demanding applications. Starting with systems for routine analysis to multi-detector GPC/SEC for structure analysis and research of complex compounds. WGE offers the best solution for your task, whether your focus is on synthetic-, bio-polymers or proteins.

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Located in Dallgow-Doeberitz, a quite town 5 km west of Berlin, Germany, WGE Dr Brues is defined by outstanding performance and accessible handling. Their instruments are the benchmark-reference in the field of gel permeation chromatography and WGE Dr. Bures has gained the reputation of supplier of excellent quality. You can find users of their instruments at universities, companies and government institutions all over the world.


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