Laboratory Instrumentation

Molecular Devices - Basic Life Science and Drug Discovery Research

Understanding your laboratory workflow is Molecular Devices' top priority, and we direct our product development efforts toward solving your unique issues.

At Molecular Devices (MD), we have one focus: Our customers. Whether a long-time user, recent adopter, or prospective customer; your needs fuel our actions, and your success is our concern.

Bioanalytical instruments, software and assay kits

To that end, we hire creative, best-in-class people to design, manufacture, and commercialise bioanalytical instruments, software, and assay kits as well as provide you with dedicated follow-on technical and applications support.

Detect biology, decode data, and drive discovery

Our instruments offer a full spectrum of detection technologies and meet all throughput needs – from dedicated, single-readout instruments to automated, multi-detection platforms. Our goal is to deliver highly relevant bioanalytical products to help you detect biology, decode data, and drive discovery.

With corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley, CA, US and regional offices throughout the world; we support and enrich efforts of the international BioResearch, BioPharma, BioTesting, and Molecular Devices user communities.

Our Key Applications

  • Screening
  • Stem cells
  • Ion channels
  • G-Protein coupled receptors (GPCRs)
  • Cellular pathway analysis
  • Vaccine development


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