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Organizational changes in quality management at Haselmeier: Mr. Konrad Betzler becomes new CQO (Chief Quality Officer)

Published 29 November 2017 | By Haselmeier

Konrad Betzler was appointed the new Chief Quality Officer (CQO) of the entire Haselmeier Group in October 2017 with responsibility for quality management, quality assurance and all regulatory matters worldwide. As a member of the Group Executive Board, he continues to lead the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing division as Chief Pharmaceutical Officer (CPO).

Dr. Bernhard Kraus, the former Chief Quality Officer (CQO), decided to quit his job at Haselmeier after two years with the Haselmeier Group for personal reasons and to accept new challenges. We would like to thank him for his committed and successful work in the stabilization and further development of our global quality management system and wish him all the best on his further journey.

Mr. Konrad Betzler, as Chief Pharmaceutical Officer (CPO) in the senior leadership team and as future Qualified Person responsible for the development of pharmaceutical production at the site in Buchen, took on the position of Chief Quality Officer (CQO) on October, 1st 2017. This gives Haselmeier the unique opportunity to bundle and structure the requirements for the quality management system in one function from the perspective of medical device and drug manufacturing.

This means that Haselmeier, as a manufacturer of medical devices, is once again adapting to the increasing demands of the market for combination products and thus qualifies further in the direction of strategic partners for its customers in the pharmaceutical industry. Although both industries - the medical device industry and the pharmaceutical industry have different
pronouncements, both work in the same process and compliance worlds: rule-based, very structured, facts based and transparent. With this step, Haselmeier wants to help exploit the synergetic potential of combination products and further expand the accompanying quality assurance systems as an integrated partner for its customers.

Based on this consideration, Mr. Betzler also derives his priorities for the next few months:

  • further developing and integrating the various processes of the quality management system into a holistic, global approach,
  • the sustainable implementation of quality indicators as a basis for management decisions as well as
  • the regular exchange with the customers regarding expectations and experiences with Haselmeier.

Mr. Konrad Betzler is looking forward to the personal exchange with his quality management colleagues of our customers. Corresponding appointments are currently active.

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