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Haselmeier announces the launch of INSUPen® EZ in India by Biocon

Published 27 October 2014 | By Haselmeier

Haselmeier announces that Biocon, one of Asia’s premier biotechnology companies, has just launched INSUPen® EZ in India. The INSUPen EZ is a second generation pen and follows on the success of Biocon’s premier insulin delivery device INSUPen®. Under the terms of the agreement between the two companies, Biocon has worldwide distribution rights to INSUPen® EZ, for use with Biocon’s insulin, Basalog™ and Insugen™, and insulin analogues.

The INSUPen® EZ is a reusable insulin pen, based on Haselmeier's new i-pen² platform and is designed to be easy to use and provide a smoother injection experience. It can deliver insulin doses from 1 unit (0.01ml) to 60 units (0.60ml) in increments of 1 unit (0.01ml) with insulin reparations of 100IU/ml and features an audible sound when dialling a dose for accurate and reliable dosing. The INSUPen® EZ is available in cool grey and three further different colours for differentiating insulins.

The launch of INSUPen® EZ, represents another milestone in the long-standing relationship between Biocon and Haselmeier. "Haselmeier is delighted to collaborate with Biocon and contribute to the market introduction of INSUPen® EZ," says Sandra de Haan, director project management at Haselmeier GmbH.