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Fluid-Bag - Innovative and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

Fluid-Bag Ltd provides comprehensive 900 and 1000 litre flexible IBC systems for liquid and semi-solid products, including filling and discharging equipment. The GMP compliant container system is designed to guarantee uniform liquid, maximise payload and minimise discharge residue (0.5% residue).

Fluid BagA Fluid-Bag consists of a single-use inner container surrounded by a strong, flexible and reusable transport bag. The filled container is mounted on a reusable steel pallet. The great advantage of the single-use inner container is that it eliminates the need for resource demanding container cleaning.

Fluid-Bag's flexible bulk containers for liquid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals

fluid bagFluid-Bag's containers are well suited for high-viscous and sensitive pharmaceutical products. The container system fits easily into any GMP policy, as the containers remain sealed and closed during the whole process from filling to discharge, avoiding the need to open or let air into the container.

The FLUID-BAG system is used for storage and transportation of a wide range of liquids where protection from bacteria, particle, oxidation, taste or moisture contamination is needed. The containers are widely used for ointments, lotions, suspensions and other liquid or semi-solid products.

The containers can be irradiated to hygiene level and are produced in ISO 22000 certified facilities.

Automatic handling for close to zero residues

Comprehensive filling and discharging equipment is vital for maximum efficiency, using a Discharge Roller the discharge process is highly efficient, allowing the bag to be stretched and squeezed leaving almost no product residue (0.5%) in the bag.

Fluid-Bag is suitable for:

  • Internal logistics: as a container for intermediate storage and for internal transports between production, store room and packaging department etc.
  • External logistics: for transportation by road, rail and sea. A wooden pallet is also available for one-way long distance transports.

Fluid-Bag Ltd - the right packaging to improve your production efficiency

Any production manager will confirm being under constant pressure to increase production efficiencies while maintaining rigorous safety and GMP policies.

Repeatedly cited causes of concern are inadequate and complex bulk packaging routines, product losses due to inefficient container discharge and costly container cleaning and maintenance. For production managers in pharmaceuticals working with liquids and semi-solids FLUID-BAG can prove a strong partner providing answers to all of these these concerns.

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