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Biomedica Life Sciences - Radiopharmaceuticals Distributors

Biomedica Life Sciences S.A. is dynamically active in the health sector and has established a leading position in covering the market needs of the health industry in diagnostic and therapeutic products, specific medical devices and services.

Radiopharmaceuticals distribution

Founded in 1994, the company generates revenues from the regional distribution of Radiopharmaceuticals. We are also active in the development, manufacturing marketing and distribution of our own new radiopharmaceutical products.

We have experienced management and development teams and a strong network with major research centres and universities. As active participants in the fast-moving industry of Biotechnology we are consciously following the rapid developments in order to secure a leading position in the industry.

Biomedica current business portfolio and subsidiaries

  • Core business - Distributing Radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals and private institutions for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
  • Biogenomica (subsidiary) - A genetic testing services business
  • Bio - RP (subsidiary) - Preparation, handling and promotion of innovative radiopharmaceuticals and services

Product pipeline

  • OnaltaTM
    An EMEA designated orphan drug for the treatment of GEP NET cancers, entering Phase III clinical trials - already selling under patient name basis in EU countries
  • Demogastrin®
    An EMEA designated orphan drug for the diagnosis of Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma, entering Phase II/III clinical trials
  • RASP®
    Retinoid conjugates with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties for curing acne, psoriasis and skin cancers (pre-clinical studies stage)
  • Demobesin®
    Diagnosis and therapy of tumors (prostate, breast cancer, SCLC etc.) - pre-clinical studies stage


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