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beyontics - Solutions for your Chromatography Data System

beyontics provides service, consulting and software products for chromatography data systems (CDS). Specialised in Chromeleon from Thermofisher and Empower from Waters, we provide lifecycle management of a company’s CDS – from system selection to customised optimisation. With extensive knowledge of GxP and experience from pharmaceutical and chemical labs, beyontics is a supplier of tailored solutions.

Validation of the suitable CDS according to individual customer needs

To select an appropriate system and to avoid additional costs by overlooked tasks or redundancy it is important to take all aspects into consideration. Here beyontics provides guidance and supporting customers with exactly the service they need:

  • Detecting & Defining User Requirements
  • Risk analysis: Fit/Gap
  • Validation Plan & Test Cases
  • Selection of Hardware, Software and Driver Software

Implementation and Rollout

  • Detect, determine and define processes and equipment status in the lab
  • Rollout Planning

Fast and secure processes with add-ons and customised training

  • Monitoring Usage and Instrument Capacity
  • Automated Determination of Unidentified Peaks
  • Instrument Qualification based upon Customer Requirements
  • Comprehensive Result Calculation and Reporting in One
  • Training for beginners up to administrators, tailored to the conditions in your lab

Calculations within your CDS with Custom Fields (CF) and User Defined Columns (UDC)

Custom Fields for Empower and User Defined Columns for Chromeleon are fantastic options to increase the efficiency of your system - but their complexity demands a high level of knowledge.

Our experts provide the calculations that you need:
Fast - well thought-out - comprehensive - upgradable

Direct data transfer from and to your CDS with Toolkit, SDK and DDK

With the Toolkit for Empower and the SDK for Chromeleon beyontics is programming interfaces between your CDS and other software products like LIMS or ERP. To integrate your instruments into the CDS, we are authorised to code device drivers for Chromeleon with the Driver Development Kit (DDK) from Thermofisher Scientific.


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