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Atoll - Convenience in Bioscience

Atoll develops, manufactures and distributes the MediaScout range of tools for Resin/Media Screening and Method Scouting.

Atoll is the first company to develop a 96 well format array of individual MiniColumns for parallel resin evaluation or method scouting. They may also be used for high throughput purification with either manual or robotic operation.

Process analytics to monitor bioreactors

Further applications are in process analytics to monitor bioreactors, or depletion of abundant components in screening of hundreds of thousands of samples in drug discovery and diagnostics.

  • MiniChrom - Individual development columns
  • MiniColumn - 96 array columns for robotic operation
  • ValiChrom - Individual validation columns
  • MaxiChrom - Disposable, incinerable columns 
  • ResiQuot - Suspension particle sampling device

All column products are packed to optimised compression with resins of customers choice.

Atoll GmbH - for all your packed chromatography columns

Save time, improve quality and reduce costs with:

  • Your own choice of resin
  • Your preferred column geometry
  • Purpose designed column formats
  • Packed by Atoll experts
  • Fast delivery time

Uniquely available from Atoll GmbH - your reliable partner in BioChromatography

Atoll GmbH was established in September 2004 as a private company, and is not connected with any other organisation. Independence from any resin or media manufacturer has enabled Atoll to develop a unique and common platform for evaluation of all resin products from the wide range of chromatography suppliers operating within this market sector.

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