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CellGenix - High-Quality GMP Reagents for Clinical Ex Vivo Cell Culture CellGenix is an internationally leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality products in the expanding markets of cell therapy and regenerative medicine.
Automation > Laboratory Instrumentation > Suppliers Cobalt - Insight from Light Headquartered in Oxford, UK, Cobalt Light Systems provides technology to determine the chemical composition of a sample without opening the container or altering the sample. The company has developed a portfolio of unique instruments with applications in pharmaceutical quality control, at airport security check-points and in many areas of research & development.
Automation > Laboratory Instrumentation > Suppliers CTL Laboratories - Contract Immune Monitoring and Research Cellular Technology Limited (CTL), headquartered in Shaker Heights, OH, is a privately held biotechnology company that built its reputation as the global leader in the ELISPOT field over the past two decades by establishing the ELISPOT instrumentation and scientific principles that have helped to define the parameters of ELISPOT research for monitoring of Cell-Mediated Immunity.
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