Laboratory Instrumentation

Hepregen launches first application-oriented in vitro kit

PBR Staff Writer Published 30 August 2013

Bioengineered micro-liver platforms developer Hepregen has launched its first application-oriented in vitro kit, called Human HepatoPac, for identification and profiling of drug metabolites.

The fully validated DMPK assay kit provides customers with a plug-in-ready product, including live, fully functional human liver cells on a 24-well tissue culture plate along with specially formulated tissue culture media for both maintenance and experimental applications.

For accurate analysis of drug metabolism in both short- and long-term experiments, the parenchymal liver cells called hepatocytes remain fully functional in the co-culture environment of the in vitro kit for up to eight weeks.

Hepregen CEO Vincent Zurawski said that the kit provides the pharmaceutical industry with a tool for studying the fate of both rapidly and slowly metabolized compounds.

"The launch of this application-specific kit provides our customers and CRO partners a fully validated option for accurately predicting the metabolic fate of candidate drugs in the clinic and for evaluating the drug potential of predecessor compounds at all stages of product development," Zurawski added.