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Asuragen launches miRInform pancreas test

PBR Staff Writer Published 20 February 2012

Asuragen, a fully integrated molecular diagnostic company, has launched miRInform pancreas test for use on fine needle aspirate specimens of pancreatic masses.

The miRInform Pancreas was developed to diagnose and manage pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) when cytology is inconclusive.

Astudy showed that miRInform pancreas test was able to resolve over 75% of the FNAs that were indeterminate by cytology, which comprised approximately 13% of the samples in the study.

The pancreas test combined with positive FNA cytology resulted in an overall accuracy of 92.5% versus 80.6% for cytology alone.

Asuragen CEO Matt Winkler said that they believe miRNAs will prove to be highly relevant for many additional cancer diagnostic applications.