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Laboratory Instrumentation
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Laboratory Instrumentation

Cepheid, pharma firms collaborate on diagnostic test for multidrug-resistant bacterial infections By PBR Staff Writer
Cepheid has entered into a new collaboration with AstraZeneca, Cubist and GSK to encourage transformational change in infectious disease therapy.
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BioLight announces start of clinical study with DiagnosTear dry eye syndrome diagnostic assay BioLight Life Sciences Investments announced that DiagnosTear has received all necessary approvals from Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv to begin a clinical study with its TeaRx, point-of-care Dry Eye Syndrome diagnostic assay. DiagnosTear is part of BioLight’s XLVision Sciences ophthalmology cluster.
Automation > Laboratory Instrumentation > News Hepregen launches first application-oriented in vitro kit By PBR Staff Writer
Bioengineered micro-liver platforms developer Hepregen has launched its first application-oriented in vitro kit, called Human HepatoPac, for identification and profiling of drug metabolites.
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Measuring Small Quantities of dry Powder using the Aero S and Mastersizer 3000
In this application note, we measure aliquots as small as 5mg of fine grade, pharmaceutical lactose and show that the measurement reproducibility is well-within the ISO laser diffraction standard [1] guidelines on repeatability. This fine grade of lactose was chosen as both an established model material for active pharmaceutical ingredients and as a highly cohesive powder that is difficult to disperse.
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Measuring Small Volumes of Nanoparticles using the Mastersizer 3000 and Hydro SV
Nanoparticles are an increasingly important class of materials with wide-ranging applications in catalysis, coatings, pigments, cosmetics, electronics, food and medical industries. The physical and chemical properties of nanoparticles are highly sensitive to particle morphology, including particle size.
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Characterizing Opthalmic Viscosurgical Devices (OVDs) using a Rotational Rheometer
There is now an International Standard (ISO15798:2013) detailing the requirements for characterizing these materials in terms of their biological, chemical and physical characteristics. For the purpose of this application note we are concerned with the section of the standard dealing with rheological characterisation.
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Detecting the Presence of Anomolous Large Particles within Powders using Laser Diffraction Particle size Analysis
In this application note, we demonstrate the ability of the Mastersizer 3000 and Aero S dispersion unit to detect a small proportion of anomalously large particles added to a small aliquot in a 'seeding' experiment.
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NTA: Exosomes and Microvesicles - General
| By Malvern Instruments
The study of exosomes and other cell-derived microvesicles is an area of rapidly growing importance and the subject of intense interest and research. The previous lack of suitable methods for their detection, analysis, enumeration and phenotyping is proving to be a significant limitation in these studies. This chapter shows the degree to which the technique of NTA is helping to address these problems.
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Bruker Launches New BRAVO Handheld Raman Spectrometer for Raw Materials Identification
Bruker Corporation today announced the launch of the new BRAVO handheld Raman spectrometer for identification of raw materials. The new BRAVO (Bruker RAman Verification Optics) complements Bruker’s Raman product range, featuring amongst others an innovative fluorescence mitigation, intuitive graphical user interface and a superior guided work-flow. Due to its unique optical design BRAVO is the only handheld Raman spectrometer that is certified as class 1M Laser product.
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CTL Laboratories - Contract Immune Monitoring and Research
Cellular Technology Limited (CTL) is a privately-held biotechnology company that is a global leader within the enzyme-linked immunosorbent spot (ELISPOT) field. Establishing the ELISPOT instrumentation and scientific principles over the past two decades has helped to define the parameters of ELISPOT research for the monitoring of cell-mediated immunity.
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Eppendorf and Florida State University Collaboration Demonstrates Large-Scale Stem Cell Expansion
A collaboration between Eppendorf and Florida State University has successfully shown the feasibility of large-scale expansion of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) using the company's proprietary Fibra-Cel® packed-bed technology.
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Malvern Instruments to Showcase an Expanding Rheological Toolkit at AERC 2015
At the 10th Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC) - Cité des Congrès, Nantes, France, 14-17 April 2015 - Malvern Instruments will showcase an expanding range of rheological tools for enhancing research, and understanding and optimising product performance.
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